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Interstate Battery of Southern New York offers a variety of truck and backup batteries in Goshen, New York. In fact, we have batteries for almost all applications available in our 10,000 square foot building! Vehicles, RVs, backup systems, and even battery accessories are all available at our complex.
Auto And Truck Batteries
Auto and truck batteries are available for every type of vehicle, including Chevy®, Ford®, and all other major manufacturers. You can find batteries for every type of truck and every type of tractor, and our drivers will deliver to every major auto manufacturer.
There are many different battery grades available: "good", "better", and "best". The difference in the grades is the quality; "good" will last a while and provide the power you need, while "better" and "best" will each last longer and provide more power.
You don't always need a big and powerful battery. We try to fit the correct battery to the correct application. We do this by asking you questions based on your specific vehicle needs. For example, we might ask you what type of vehicle you have and how much the vehicle is used.
White Truck - Backup Batteries in Goshen, NY
With experience since 1980, our staff has the experience to make quality recommendations based on your vehicle specifications. We also offer reconditioned batteries to provide a more economical choice, allowing access to quality batteries for people of all incomes.
RV driving on road -  Recreational Vehicle Batteries in Goshen, NY
Recreational Vehicle Batteries
You will find a variety of batteries for motorcycles, ATVs, boats, campers, and more. These have changed very much over the past few years; they are no longer standard batteries. These have now become more high-end because they are not used year-round like other batteries.
The batteries are used harder now than they used to be due to computer-driven technologies. New technologies in batteries have changed drastically to meet the needs of the vehicle. There are many more items that people are putting on their boats as well, meaning you will need more power with the same size battery.
The main brand that we carry is Megatron® and Megatron Plus®. These batteries are one of the top-rated batteries in the country. In the service repair industry and many consumer-related magazines, Megatron® is rated highly on a regular basis. They have an overall good name in the industry and have also been in business for over 50 years.
Backup Power
Backup type batteries are used in computers, alarm systems, wheelchairs, and backup generators. These batteries feature a different chemistry than most batteries, and the way the battery is made is different as well.
The plates inside the battery are made in different configurations and the compounds inside these plates are made of different materials. To determine what you need in a backup battery, you can simply talk to our professionals. The people at our counter know what they are talking about, and have been trained and educated in batteries.
Connecting the charger to the vehicle battery - Backup batteries in Goshen, NY
Essential elements in any car -  Battery Accessories in Goshen, NY
Battery Accessories
You'll find chargers, battery maintainers, tools, cabling, battery boxes, jumper boxes, and more in our facility. We carry anything related to batteries, and if we do not have something in stock, we will order it for you with no additional cost. Battery tenders or battery maintainers, jumper boxes and chargers are some of the more popular battery accessories that we carry.
Contact us today for more information about the truck and backup batteries we carry in Goshen, New York.