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Goshen, NY 10924
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Battery Distributor serving Orange, Sullivan and Rockland counties

Providing Truck and Backup Batteries for All Applications
Located in Goshen, New York, Interstate Battery of Southern New York is a local and trusted battery distributor that has been in business for more than 30 years. We are proud to service the counties of Rockland, Orange, and Sullivan for all their battery needs.
For the past 32 years, Interstate Battery of Southern New York has kept up with rapid advances in power storage. There's not a battery we have not heard of, whether you are looking for truck batteries, a computer system backup, or any other application.
Our reputation has been built on more than 3 decades of providing quality parts and passing our knowledge on to our customers. Since we opened our doors, this location has sold more than 1 million batteries, providing our customers with the power solutions they need.
Car Headlight - Battery Distributor in Goshen, NY
We opened with only 3 people more than 30 years ago—the owner, his wife, and brother. The location was just 1,000 square feet and was bought from the wife's father. There were just 200 customers at that point. Today, we can handle any battery needs from a 10,000-square-foot facility and we serve about 2,000 regular customers.
We have a much larger staff now, which is entirely trained in a week-long course at Interstate Battery corporate trainers, learning all they need to know about batteries and customer service.
The training teaches each employee how the different batteries work, the technologies involved, and what batteries are best for certain applications. Their training continues here, as we all seek to learn new things as they are developed. If you ever have a question about anything we offer, our experienced, knowledgeable team can provide the answers you need!
Contact us today for more information about the truck and backup batteries we carry in Goshen, New York.